Center for World Missions

Global Outreach

Global Outreach at Harding Universtity is a program that exists to train and mentor students to fulfill the will of God to take the Gospel to every nation. This program takes students interested in mission work and allows them to test the waters of sharing Christ in a different culture. Global Outreach facilitates students to "GO" with hopes that God will spark their hearts with a desire to become missionaries and/or missionary supporters in the future. It is our prayer that through these experiences, the eyes of students' hearts will be opened to know what God has put them on this earth to do, and that they will no longer be content unless they are sharing Christ in some way. We hope that the challenges, victories, and friendships made will open our students' eyes to see beyond their own culture and lifestyle, and will teach them about a world that is waiting in anticipation to find out the Good News of Jesus Christ and his salvation.

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