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The ADVANCE program consists of five courses plus labs designed to prepare students for the courses they will be taking in Harding's Liberal Arts curriculum.


Students are initially placed in ADVANCE courses based on their ACT/SAT scores. Other assessments will be used either before advising (RDNG 100/102 and 101/103) or on the first day of class (ENG 100). Students who test out of these classes will have the appropriate adjustments made to their schedules as soon as possible. All students in the ADVANCE Program are required to take PSY 101 (Introduction to University Studies).


The following courses are offered in the ADVANCE program

*English 100

Basic English

*Math 100

Beginning Algebra

*Reading 100

Academic Reading I

*Reading 102

Lab with Reading 100

Reading 101

Academic Reading II

Reading 103

Lab with Reading 101

Psychology 101

Introduction to University Studies

*These courses do not count as college credit but do count toward financial aid eligibility and athletic eligibility and are used in calculating GPA and determining academic standing.