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Study Abroad

Here's what we did last summer. Every few years, Art and Design attempts to provide this opportunity for a new group of students.


What better place to study art and design than in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence Italy? The HUF Summer 2012 Art Program is designed to provide you, art and design majors, the opportunity to experience Italy and travel in Europe while taking studio and lecture courses required for your degree.

Accommodations in Scandicci, located just outside of Florence, include the Harding-owned Villa and Bible School facilities. Costs for the trip include lodging, meals, airfare, local transportation, fees,and tuition. There will be additional coasts including souvenirs, and spending money when traveling without the HUF group.

Your Options

Full Summer

If you want to attend a traditional overseas program and love the idea of taking major courses during the summer...this option is for you! As with all HUF trips you are required to pay for 16 hours of course work, room and board, and other fees. This plan includes Liberal Arts and Bible Courses such as Speech, Global Literature, Humanities, Conditioning and Christian Home.

In addition, courses such as Marketing, Multi Media, History of Architecture and photography will be offered. As an added bonus, an optional special design trip to Milan, Paris and London will take place during the regularly scheduled free travel in June. The cost for this trip includes an additional three hours credit and a fee of $500 to cover travel expenses.

Half Summer

Always wanted to go to HUF but could not afford the whole summer? Need to be home part of the summer for work or internships? Consider the 6 week, or half summer, HUF option. With this plan, students will be required to take 9 hours of credit from the art courses offered. This shorter stay ill provide you with a more economical option that still packs in three major courses, time spend in Florence, study tours in Italy and an extended trip to Rome.

In addition to the experiences you have the opportunity to extend your travel with a week long special design trip. This trip can be taken for three of the required nine hours credit and will included travel to Milan, Paris and London, There is a fee of $500 to cover additional travel expenses related to this trip.


All questions should be directed to:

Amy Cox | acox@harding.edu

Stacy Schoen | sschoen@harding.edu

Download the Brochure pdf

Art & Design