Success Stories in 2007-08

Department of Art and Design Assessment Success Story 2007, John E. Keller

Early in our Assessment process, we noticed how poorly our students were doing in our Senior Knowledge Base Survey. The Survey covers content of the four classes that all of our majors have in common: Art 231 (Prehistory through the Middle Ages), Art 232 (Renaissance through Modern), Art 200 (Two-Dimensional Design), and Art 260 (Color Theory).
Our concerns over their working knowledge of major historical artists and art periods was suspect before we began giving the Knowledge Base Survey. The Survey has put an exclamation point on the problem. Early on, in our current Assessment protocol, we implemented two, three-hours Art Hisotry survey courses, to replace the two-hour Art Appreciation course for all of our Art, Interior Design, Art Education, Graphic Design and Art Therapy majors.
We have seen an increase in their retained knowledge. However, we still have a concern, as reflected in the Senior Knowledge Base Survey, over what they remember about major historical artists and art periods, as they leave Harding. We are currently discussing ways of strengthening their knowledge. The means we are currently exploring is the inclusion of more historical information in all of our studio classes. The difficulty will be orchestrating it in a methodical, comprehensive manner. 

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