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National Board Certification, Teacher Leadership

Available workshops

  • Common Core State Standards alignment
  • National Board Certification Candidate Support
  • NBPTS Take One!
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Parental Involvement
  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
  • Classroom Management
  • Pathwise And Praxis III (ADE Sponsored)


Dr. Clara Carroll, National Board Certified Teacher, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies in Education, Associate Professor, College of Education, Harding University

For future workshop information contact me at, or by phone at 501-279-4501.

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For future workshop information contact us at or by phone at 501-279-4501.


National Board Certification Candidate Support towards National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Professional Development


Day 1 – NBPTS Overview
Five Core Propositions Overview
Core Proposition 1 in Detail
Descriptive, Analytical and Reflective Writing – The Writing Process
Analysis of Scoring Guide

Contextual Information/Instructional Context

NBPTS portfolio Entry 4

Day 2 –
Core Proposition 2

Personal Inventory of Content Knowledge
Bloom’s Taxonomy

Portfolio Instructions
Writing about Teaching
Core Propositions 2 and 3
NBPTS Portfolio Entries 1, 2 and 3

Day 3 –
Reflective Proofing of Writing
Core Proposition 4
Core Proposition 5

Effective Teaching Strategies


Preparing for the Assessment Center

Day 4 –

Student Work-Based Entries – What you must absolutely do

Studying the Standards

Working a plan for the portfolio entries

Analysis of Student Work

Double-entry Journaling for reflective and analytical teaching

Entry 4 – Documented Accomplishments portfolio requirements

Topic or Title: National Board Certification Candidate Support towards National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Description of Content: Designed to help educators prepare for National Board Certification.

Target Audience: Educators preparing for National Board Certification

Maximum Number of Participants: unlimited

Time Required: 4 days

Cost: Negotiable

Dr. Clara Carroll

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