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From Dr. Michael L. James, distinguished professor of communication

I couldn't be happier to call Harding my lifetime employer. Every day I am blessed to associate with colleagues who encourage. I am free to develop programs that excite young minds and teach students who in turn challenge me to be not only a better instructor but better servant. Coupled with an administration that supports me in every way, I have a game plan blessed by a loving God. I can’t describe how much I love being at Harding because for me, it isn’t work; it’s an opportunity.

I've been to other schools and have appreciated their support and dedication. I attend national conventions and have been selected for panels, presentations, awards, and programs many times. Yet these associations with excellent colleagues at other schools only strengthen my belief (in the words of Dorothy), “There's no place like Harding." Our common bond and dedication to a faithful God is incomparable.

Harding considers communication of prime importance. Communication cuts across every discipline and every field of study. Examining leaders in business, politics, education, entertainment, and the media – their excellence is usually noted by talent in communication. With new digital technologies of sight, sound, and interactivity, communication has a whole new direction, and we are excited to embrace the challenges of the future.

One of our greatest ongoing challenges for the seven majors under the communication department is simply funding. We engage in constant revision and change to meet the goals of a hungry marketplace for the graduates, but this means we are also constantly searching for the means to upgrade equipment and even expand into new horizons.

Would you partner with us to meet this challenge? To make a gift or sponsor/provide any of the items listed below, click here.

Radio Station – The Harding radio station services a diverse audience. Used primarily for educational purposes with our mass communication majors, it is open to all students with a desire to add another element to their overall education as well as their resume. It also is a great public relations tool for Harding because there are a great many listeners who tune into this station we could not reach any other way. We broadcast every university and Harding Academy game and promote news and events on campus. We are even on the Internet where our students on campuses around the world sometimes listen when they are feeling homesick. If you would like to listen, simply follow and bookmark this link http://www.harding.edu/communication/streaming.html.

  • Sponsor the station’s dedicated phone line for one month — $30

  • Sponsor the phone line for two months — $60

  • Sponsor the phone line for a semester — $150

  • Sponsor the phone line for an academic year — $300

  • Sponsor the Music licensing/copyright fees. (Based on what we play, we are charged flat fees monthly of $160 by BMI and the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.) — $160

  • Sponsor licensing/copyright fees for two months — $320

  • Sponsor licensing/copyright fees for a semester — $800 

  • Sponsor licensing/copyright fees for an academic year — $1,920 

  • Sponsor transmitter and frequency fee for one month — $4,000 

  • Sponsor transmitter and frequency fee for three months — $12,000

  • Sponsor the transmitter and frequency fee for a semester — $20,000 

  • Sponsor electricity for the 25,000-watt signal for one month — $850 

  • Sponsor electricity for the 25,000-watt signal for two months — $1,700 

  • Sponsor electricity for the 25,000-watt signal for a semester — $4,250

  • To make a gift and sponsor/provide any of the items listed, click here. 

Speak to a Class/Mentor – It is always helpful for our students to hear from our graduates. What is it like in their particular segment of the communication field? What about their successes – and the failures – have been most instructive? Students not only pick up invaluable wisdom, but they also have a chance to make decisions whether or not this field is for them. This is obviously critical considering they are paying thousands of dollars every year to take classes toward a specific major, and if they pick something which is not as satisfying as hoped – it will shape much of the rest of their lives. Obviously there would not be space to accommodate everyone because we continue to teach and have a curriculum we must cover. However, if you have an interest, please contact us at communication@harding.edu or 501-279-4445.

Mentor a Student – You don’t have to be able to be on campus or speak to a class to make a difference. Would you consider mentoring a student in your field? Would you consider simply being willing to pick up the phone and answer their questions? Would you be willing to correspond via e-mail, Facebook or text message? If you have been in your field and in the job force for very long, you undoubtedly have those to whom you owe a great deal. You are indebted to them for ‘showing you the ropes’ or dealing kindly with you when you made a mistake. Why not return the favor to someone who is eager to learn? Why not make a real impact in someone else’s life? Why not join us in our ministry to train the next generation of leaders not only in our professions but even at many local congregations? Please contact us at communication@harding.edu or 501-279-4445.