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Software Development Projects

The Software Development Project class is the capstone course for Computer Science and Computer Information Systems majors. The class is divided into teams who compete against each other for the development of the finest software product.

This class simulates a real-world environment through the analysis, design, implementation, and testing phases of the software life cycle. Each year a new breed of software is developed which rival many software packages in the entertainment market today.

The following table lists the winners of the development contests in the past. Each software product was rigorously judged by the Computer Science faculty and outside testers to be of the highest entertainment and technical standards.

Software Development Winners

The winners of the competitions each year have their names imprinted on a plaque that is displayed in the trophy case in the lobby of the Science building.

AI Super Bowl Winners

For the past several years, the artificial intelligence (AI) of each project has been pitted against the other competing projects. The winners of the competitions can be seen in the trophy case in the lobby of the Science building.