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Partner With Us

How can I get involved?

Please join us in our endeavors by investing time and resources.

Invest Resources

To make a gift and sponsor/provide any of the items listed, click here.

Scholarships - Now that you have a career and a job you love, consider making a contribution to a scholarship fund for current students.  We currently have one scholarship established by a former student/current professional in honor of someone special to her.  We would love to talk to you about making that possible.

Therapy Materials – At Harding, we are always interested in acquiring the materials that will help us train future professionals. Essentially, we are building and maintaining a resource room – which will be a permanent part of our collection. Would you consider sponsoring the purchase – or even donating – materials which we can use to improve the lives of others? We would love to involve you in our program.  We are in need of:

  • Minnesota Test for Differential Diagnosis of Aphasia materials - $15
  • Record Booklets or Test Forms - $45
  • Earobics 1 (two players and guest) - $69
  • Phonological Awareness Test 2 Computerized Scoring Software - $90
  • Functional Communication Profile – Revised Reporting Software - $100
  • Complete Oral-Motor Program for Articulation - $120
  • Tests (CADL 2, RIPA 2, KSPT, STAR 1-3, CREVT-2, LAC, PLAI-2, TELD-3, TOPL-2, CAPES, CTOPP, HAPP-3, TOPPS-2, PAT-3, etc.) - $200
  • Astra 200 SDI Diagnostics Spirometer - $1,300
  • Earobics 1 (Specialist/Clinician – 12 players and guest) - $329
  • Lindamood Program – Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech - $324
  • Boardmaker - $399


Speech Pathology Video/Audio Library – They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but if this is true then how important is a video in an age where many have learned to process by watching a television?  A strong video (DVD) library not only allows us the strength of strong research, but it also gives our students the opportunity to see therapy a variety of populations with whom they will interact and treat.  This will equate to a more positive environment and result for both they and their clients. Please contact us at 501-279-4648 or csd@harding.edu.

  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Milestones: Birth to Age Five - $10
  • Clinical Decisions with Adolescents Who Stutter - $74
  • Medically Fragile Adults: Issues in Evaluation and Treatment - $74
  • Childhood Voice Disorders - $75
  • Dysphagia in Schools: An Interdisciplinary Team Approach - $74
  • HIPAA: Privacy Regulations - $86
  • Working with School Age Children Who Stutter - $86
  • Apraxia Uncovered (Book and 4 hour CD) - $95
  • AAC in the Schools: From Consideration to Implementation - $115
  • Therapeutic Interventions for Dysphagia (Master Clinician Series) - $115
  • The Dysphagia Evaluation: Consultation to Instrumental Exam (Master Clinician Series) - $115
  • The SWAL-QOL and SWAL-CARE Outcome Tools for Dysphagia - $115
  • Enhancing Phonological and Metaphonological Skills of Children with Highly Unintelligible Speech (Master Clinician Series) - $125
  • Intervention Strategies for Children Who Stutter: Building Bridges Between Research and Clinical Practice - $125
  • Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation of Voice Disorders (Master Clinician Series) - $125


Speech Pathology Library – Every academic discipline needs a solid collection of resource books from which their students and young practitioners may benefit. The better the quality of the books, the greater the benefit will be not only to the students but also to their future clients. We are in a continuing process of purchasing those resources, particularly with our recent addition of the Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology.  It may be that after perusing this list you have some of these materials and would like to donate them; if so please contact us at 501-279-4648 or csd@harding.edu.

  • Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences - $14
  • Take Home: Phonological Awareness - $34
  • Eliciting Sounds - $40
  • Practical Tools and Forms for Supervising Speech Language Pathology Assistants - $41
  • The Phonological Awareness & Reading Profile – Intermediate - $42
  • Just for Kids: Apraxia - $42
  • The Source for Phonological Awareness - $44
  • The Source for Pediatric Dysphagia - $44
  • The International Guide to Speech Acquisition - $44
  • Pediatric Voice and Upper Airway Disorders: Current Management Practices - $45
  • Easy Does It for Apraxia and Motor Planning - $52
  • Easy Does It for Apraxia-Preschool - $52
  • Easy Does it for Articulation: A Language Approach - $52
  • Classification Manual for Voice Disorders - $54
  • Treatment of Dysarthria: Evidence Based Practice - $55
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Speech Language Pathologists With Respect to Reading and Writing in Children and Adolescents - $55
  • Ethics Education - $65
  • Emergent Literacy Environments of Young Children At Risk for Literacy Learning Difficulties - $65
  • Dysphagia: State of the Clinical Examination - $65
  • Dysphagia in the Trach/Vent Population - $65
  • Emergent Literacy Intervention: Evidence Based Practice - $74
  • Evidence Based Practice in Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessment and Intervention for Cognitive Communication Disorders - $74
  • Ethical Issues and Employer Demands - $74
  • A Handbook on Stuttering - $77

To make a gift and sponsor/provide any of the items listed, click here.

Invest Time

Donate Therapy Materials – We are searching for up to date, gently used therapy materials and tests.  If you have some you might donate or know of someone who might, please contact us at 501-279-4648 or csd@harding.edu.

Provide a Traineeship – Our graduate students are more than capable and already equipped with an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Why not consider offering a traineeship?  Not only are you investing in the future of the Speech Pathology profession, but you may even be grooming your next potential hire.  Remember, this is not a ‘something for nothing’ proposition.  We believe your organization will likely benefit as much as our student. Please contact us at 501-279-4648 or csd@harding.edu.

Mentoring – Are you currently an SLP?  Would you like to get involved with our students?  A young professional is almost always helped by an opportunity to ask questions from someone who has ‘been there.’  They don’t have to learn the hard way what mistakes to avoid and are blessed by the chance to hear multiple voices – not just their instructors and clinical supervisors. Please contact us at 501-279-4648 or csd@harding.edu.