Center for World Missions

Current Events

Mark Elrod classA new relationship with Harding's Humanities college began with Dr. Mark Elrod bringing his senior Political Science class for a weekend at HUT. Dr. Elrod, who had recently made two trips to Haiti in support of relief efforts, felt his students would gain a better understanding of international political realties if they experienced something of the life of the poor of the developing world.

We are very pleased to be working with other colleges and departments at Harding in integrating Christian teaching and service into all fields of study.

WMW meetingHarding is privileged to host the 50th annual World Mission Workshop this October 14-17 for students from sister schools and campus ministries.  The steering committee of students and faculty are meeting every week to prepare a rich time of practical learning and motivation which is designed to be helpful to students of all majors. Stay tuned for more information as this develops.

 Hut simulation
Health Care Missions class spent a weekend at HUT to experience in practical simulations many of the issues covered in the classroom during the semester. Pictured are students in a disaster simulation where students are unexpectedly called upon to practice the first aid skills they have studied -- but in a rural setting with something of the confusion common in those events.