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Certificates - Biblical Studies

The Certificate of Completion in Biblical Studies is designed to provide continuing education opportunities in Bible and Christian ministry.

The certificate is credible.

  • All courses in the certificate program are for credit. Harding University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • All courses are taught by qualified faculty with appropriate academic credentials and professional experience.
  • All the curriculum requirements have been selected and approved by the College of Bible and Ministry.

The certificate is affordable.

  • Tuition is affordable, especially for students qualifying for the Distance Bible Scholarship (up to 50% off tuition).
  • Harding's distance Bible courses are affordable when compared to distance courses at other institutions.
  • By taking courses online or regional extension courses (in Arkansas), students save significant transportation costs.

The certificate is meaningful.

  • Collegiate studies in Bible help students develop a stronger faith and a closer walk with God.
  • Distance Bible courses allow students to apply their learning immediately in "real-world" settings.
  • The certificate is awarded upon the completion of 18 semester hours of college level training. The requirements are similar to that of a minor. See the Harding catalog or call the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry for more details of the requirements.
  • All credit earned may be transferred to other institutions of higher learning. Students enrolled at other institutions should inquire from their registrar's office the details of how Harding's Bible courses may be accepted.
  • Students with an undergraduate degree may use the certificate training as leveling or preparatory work toward graduate programs in Bible andministry, such as the Master of Ministry or the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry offered by Harding University.
Steps for Enrollment
  1. Download and submit the application for admissions to Harding's admissions office.

  2. Send college or high school transcripts to Harding's admissions office.

  3. Pay $50 admissions fee at the admissions office.

  4. Complete a character reference on the admissions website.

  5. Once admitted to Harding, contact DormNET, 501-279-4545 for login information for Canvas (online classroom), Google Apps (Harding email), and Pipeline (student accounts and records). All official Harding correspondence will be sent via the students' Harding email address.

  6. Contact the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry to initiate the registration process: 501-279-4448 or onlinebible@harding.edu.

Contact: The Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry; call 501-279-4448 or email onlinebible@harding.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this program cost?

Qualifying students receive a 50% Distance Bible Scholarship. For current tuition rates, check with the admissions office or call the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry, 501-279-4448.

What courses do you have?

Most online and extension courses are textual Bible courses. They include Survey of Bible History, Life of Christ, Acts of the Apostles, Paul, Prison Letters, Gospel of John, Israelite History and Israelite Poetry. World Christian and Christian Home are also available through the Center for Distance Education in Bible and Ministry. Check with the Registrar for current semester schedules.

How long does it take to complete the certificate?

Students may select available courses at their own pace to accommodate their own needs and time considerations. It is not recommended that students take more than two classes per semester. 

What kind of computer do I need for online courses?

Harding uses the Canvas learning management system for online courses. Canvas is compatible with Microsoft operating systems as well as with Macintosh computers. A high speed internet connection is recommended. Canvas supports the Firefox browser, thus it is recommended that students use Firefox as their Internet browser.

Can I earn a Bible degree from Harding online?

Harding does not offer an undergraduate degree online. The Certificate of Completion, however, may provide the necessary leveling for graduate programs in Bible, religion or theology at other institutions.

The MMIN degree can be earned at a distance. See the Master of Ministry website for more information.


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