Seminar Paper Grading Criteria


The paper will be graded according to the following categories:


______Overall Content (15%)

Did your paper have an in-depth examination of the chosen topic or was it just a cursory look at the area?  Is it of sufficient length?


______References and Bibliography (15%)

Is it evident that you have spent adequate time researching your topic?  Do you have a substantial number of sources for the topic chosen?  Have you consulted all of the available and obvious materials?  Are the sources balanced between books, periodicals, and WWW?


______Organization and Structure (15%)

Is it obvious that you were following an outline?  Does your paper “ramble” or do the points fit together and follow well from what proceeds?  Is there an appropriate introduction and conclusion?


______Grammar (15%)

Are all of the sentences well formed?  Are there sentence fragments?  Do subjects and verbs agree?  Are verb tenses consistent?  Are the standard rules of English grammar used?


______Spelling and Typing (10%)

Are words spelled correctly?  Do not rely totally on a spelling checker, as these will miss a large number of words that are incorrectly used.


______Form (10%)

Has an appropriate style manual been followed?  Are the margins correct?  Are pages numbered?  Are the footnotes or endnotes formatted correctly?  Is the title page complete?  Does the bibliography adhere to a standard form?


______Cohesion (10%)

Does all of the material given “belong” here?  Have you simply listed isolated pieces of information from various sources of have you summarized, blended, and found the common themes from these sources and brought them together into a result that is more than just the sum of its parts.


______Writing Style (10%)

Is the paper easy to read?  Is it interesting?  Do you exhibit some originality and creativity?  Does it flow?  Does it pull the reader in and keep their interest until the finish?


______Total Score (total of the above categories)


______Late Penalty (minus 10% per day)


______Final Score