Computer Science 439 - Seminar

Fall 2013 Syllabus


Instructor:        Dana Steil       


Office:             Pryor-England 215

Office hours:   2:00-4:30 Monday-Thursday

Phone:             501-279-4340


Goals of this class:

1)      A forum for faculty to make presentations on relevant topics not covered in the curriculum

2)      A forum for outside speakers on current and interesting topics

3)      A forum for students to gain experience in both independent research and oral and written presentation


In order to lessen the pressure during the oral presentation and in order to help guarantee a successful presentation the work and the points will be divided into phases with points assigned to each.  The phases and points are as follows:


Attendance – 35% - This is your attendance record over 4 semesters.  You are allowed two cuts per semester without penalty.   While it is possible to have more than 100% in this category, your overall grade will be calculated using a max of 100%.  i.e.  You cannot use attendance to “pad” your grade.


This semester the sum of your seminar attendances from the fall of 2010 thru the spring of 2012 will be divided by .


Spring 2012

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

Spring 2013


Available Seminars






Friday Morning Seminars






Attendances Counted







Ethics Text – 10% - You will be required to attend two different sessions where the Ethics text is discussed.  You will be required to sign a statement that you have read each of the assigned sections of the text before they are discussed.


Paper – 20% - This is a 10-15 page research paper on the same topic as your seminar presentation. 


Dry Run – 15% - This is a complete oral presentation of your seminar given to the instructor alone for critiquing.  All visuals, handouts, etc. should be prepared at this time.  All visuals, handouts, etc. should be prepared at this time.  All material should be included.  The only changes after this will be in delivery.  Grading will be according to the accompanying sheet.



Seminar – 20% - This is the final oral presentation to the CS faculty, students, and friends.  See Seminar Presentation Grading Criteria.  


Note: The grading scale is 90%=A, 80%=B, etc.  There will be no rounding.  The attendance policy is very lenient.

There is no reason not to have 100% in that category.  Consequently, an 89.9% will result in a grade of “B”.