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Master of Science in Professional Counseling: Clinical and School

What is the Master of Science in Professional Counseling?

The M.S. in Professional Counseling: Clinical and School program aims to prepare intellectually sound, emotionally mature and highly competent counselors. If you want to effectively facilitate change in the lives of individuals in mental health and/or academic settings, the M.S. in Professional Counseling degree is for you. This degree is the Professional School Counselor degree and satisfies track course work toward the Clinical Mental Health degree. For more information about the Professional Counseling program, please visit their website.

What courses are required?

The M.S. in Professional Counseling degree consists of 48 hours, including 3 hours of Practicum and 6 hours of Internship. Please see the curriculum plan for more information.

M.S. Professional Counseling Curriculum Plan

Upon completeing the M.S. degree, many candidates choose to continue with the Ed.S. in Professional Counseling Clinical and School, which is only an additional 20 hours over and above the M.S. degree.

For current course schedules, please visit the Graduate Programs home page.

For additional information about this program, you may want to consult the Catalog (Select 2013-2014 Graduate & Professional Catalog from drop-down menu)

How do I apply?

M.S. Professional Counseling Application

Educator Scholarship Application

Initial Request to Graduate Form

Who do I contact for more information?

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Professional Counseling: Clinical and School
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