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Student Projects


Asklepois was designed to address the concerns a caregiver may have for an elderly friend or family member.  When a person has to take many different medications at various times throughout the day it is difficult for the person or caregiver to keep track.  Asklepois can be programmed for up to ten medicines dispensed on any schedule.  It is locked and secured using a smart-card for access.  It could also be monitored over the web.  This design won an honorable mention award at a local business innovation event.


Battleship is an automated mechatronics version of the traditional board game.  One player can play against the computer to see which one is able to find and sink the others battleships.


Bike Generator was designed to address the need to generate power in remote areas of the world.  In many areas a bicycle is the primary mode of transportation.  By adding a generator it can also become a source of power.


ConnectFour is another automated mechatronics version of a classic game.  One player plays against the computer to see who can connect four colored disks in a row, column, or diagonal.


MATT is a Mobile Automated Tennis Trainer.  It is a tennis ball shooting robot that allows a player to practice alone.  It is able to serve balls at various angles, speeds and locations on the court.


Skateboard is a battery powered transportation device that improves the rider's balance with miniature gyros.


WiFiRobot is a computer controlled robot that communicates through a WiFi connection.

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