Biographical Form

If this Homecoming marks your fiftieth year since graduating or attending Harding, a memento memory book will be distributed at the banquet honoring your class. Please help make this a very special memory book by completing the form below.

In the past, many class members have not sent in their information if they were unable to attend Homecoming. We are aiming for 100% participation in this special memento. Your former classmates will appreciate reading about your life's journey. Please complete your bio form regardless of your ability to attend Homecoming.

Later in the year you will receive other information concerning Homecoming, with times, events, and ticket order forms. You can also find out more information at the Homecoming page.

Did your spouse attend Harding?

What do you consider to be the greatest challenge of your life?

What's the most interesting or unusual job you've had since you left Harding?

What do you consider your favorite or most humorous incident during your time at Harding?

Who was your favorite Harding professor, and why?

How do you believe being at Harding made an impact on your life?

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