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    Energy group leaders, peer guides and student volunteers welcomed first-year students to Impact 2015.

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    Learn about student organizations, service projects, social clubs and more.

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    The Hypnotist is an event you won't want to miss.

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    Your first day at Harding doesn't have to start with an 8 a.m. class.

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Current Students:

Apply to be an IMPACT/Stampede Co-Director

Application deadline will be December 2, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Hall (ahall7@harding.edu)

2016 Student Schedule

2016 Parent Schedule

August 2017

What is Student IMPACT?

Student IMPACT is a required orientation program for all new freshmen and transfer students.  Student IMPACT is planned and conducted by upper class students at Harding. We know how important it is to start your college career on a high note. That's why we are so fired up! Student IMPACT will help you get off to a great start and make an impact on your life at Harding. Approximately 200 upperclassmen will be here to answer all of your questions, help you get oriented to Harding University, and see to it that you have a good time.

Why is IMPACT so important?

You'll get to know other new students and will have an opportunity to meet new friends, as well as teachers, with whom you will spend the next four years.

You can experience college life for the first time and not be pressed into your first day of classes immediately upon arriving. You'll have specific activities designed to help you meet people, explore campus, find your classrooms, learn about and experience Harding life, and prepare yourself for when classes do begin.

You'll learn about student and academic organizations on campus, service projects, clubs, student association, and other activities and opportunities for involvement at Harding.

For more information about Student IMPACT, please email us at impact@harding.edu or call us at 501-279-5948.

Who goes to Student IMPACT?

Student IMPACT is required of all incoming new freshmen and transfer students. However, a few exceptions include to this include those students involved in some of Harding's collegiate sports teams and official musical groups.

Because Harding has a strong and active choral program, a special Choral IMPACT is organized for those intending to audition for Chorus or Concert Choir. For more information about Harding's choral program, For more information about Harding's choral program, go to www.harding.edu/music/ensembles

How to Signup

Student IMPACT is only open to those who are fully accepted to Harding University and are planning to attend in the fall of 2016. Registration for Summer Stampede automatically registers you for Student IMPACT. 

If you have been accepted to Harding University and haven't already registered for Summer Stampede, please go to the Stampede information and registration page. If you have not completed the application process or are unsure of your admissions status, please contact your Admissions Counselor.


Costs associated with Student IMPACT will be included on the fall semester billing statement as part of the First Year Experience (FYE) fee.

In addition to Student IMPACT related housing, meals, activities, t-shirt and student planner, the FYE fee cover's expenses connected with other first year student events and activities including Summer Stampede, HU Square 1 Retreat and the year-end FYE Dinner.

What activities are available for Parents?

Not only will Student IMPACT orient students to their new lives at Harding, it will benefit their parents as well. There will be a program designed to help them understand what college will be like for their child. Harding's president, Dr. Bruce McLarty, and various deans and guest speakers will speak with the parents in informative sessions. Current students will also be available to offer their views of Harding and answer any questions parents might have. A free dinner will be provided for the parents on Friday night.

Housing and Meals

Housing in university residence halls is available for students only. Since students are moving into the rooms they were assigned for the fall semester, there are none available for parents or friends. Parents may contact the Heritage Inn toll-free at 1 888-766-2465 to make their own arrangements.

The cafeteria will be open to Impact participants beginning Friday at breakfast and will serve three meals a day.

Other Helpful Info

Immunization Requirements

Each Harding student is required to submit proof of two immunizations against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

This information must be on file in the Admission Office before you may register for classes, as Arkansas law prohibits you from attending class until your records have been received.  Therefore, a registration hold will be placed on your academic account which will prevent you from being able to register for classes until records are received.  

Immunization records may be faxed to 501-279-4129, scanned and emailed to admissions@harding.edu, or mailed to 

Harding University
Admissions Office
Box 12255
Searcy, AR 72149-5615


     The Testing Office handles all CLEP and AP exams and policies. CLEP exams are given daily, by appointment in the Testing Office. The office is located in the Pryor/England Science 114. CLEP information can be found on their webpage. You can also contact Tina Gould at testing@harding.edu or by calling 501-279-4415.

Degree Information

     To learn more about what majors and minors are offered by Harding you can go to the Harding Catalog to learn about degree requirements and course descriptions.


     To learn more about upcoming Harding events, such as Homecoming or Parent Weekend, you can go to the Harding Calendar.

Student Life

     More information about student life, chapel, resident life, social clubs, etc. check with Student Life.

Campus Map

     A map of campus is available.

Contact Us

Other Numbers
Harding Information: 501-279-4000
Admissions Office: 1-800-477-4407