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Genevieve Jones, M.Ed.

Genevieve Jones

Assistant Professor
110 Ganus Building

Degrees earned:

Earned a B.A. in Research, Translation, and Teaching of Foreign Languages from Metropolitan University, Caracas, Venezuela, and the M.Ed. from Harding University. B.A. Thesis: "El mestizaje como elemento de definición e indefinición socio-cultural en El Mestizo José Vargas de Guillermo Meneses”.

Most frequently taught classes:

Teaches Intermediate Spanish (SPAN201/202), Latin American Literature (SPAN311), Spanish Conversation (SPAN251), and Advanced Conversation (SPAN313).

Other specialties within the department:

Offers COPL activities working toward oral proficiency. Provides weekly conversation practice for Spanish licensure students.

Advising info:

Advises or will advise students in Spanish (SPAN) or minoring in Spanish.

Professional organizations:

Is a member of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honor Society.

Research interests:

Is interested in second language acquisition.

Overseas, travel or missions experience:

Native of Venezuela, where she has experience as a teacher, coordinator, and academic supervisor as well as mission secretary and campaign administrator; presented TESOL workshops in Puerto Rico (1988/89) and in Venezuela (1988/89/90), lived in Italy for one year and visits family there, has also traveled to Canada and Aruba.

Church-related or civic activities:

Provides service to elderly and sick congregation members. Provides translation/interpretation as needed.

Hobbies and interests:Enjoys jazz and classical music, along with classic movies and science fiction.