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Latin American Summer Mission Campaigns

The Opportunity
Students with two or more years of college Spanish or the equivalent speaking ability train during the academic year learning the culture and personal evangelism skills in Spanish. They then go on summer campaigns to Latin America.

For years, our department's summer campaigns went to Venezuela. However, due to the political situation there, other countries have also been visited. The group in 2002 went to Comitán, Mexico, and in recent years we have focused on Lima, Peru.

Four to five weeks in May and June.

An opportunity to co-labor with the Latin American brethren in a time period dedicated to extensive emphasis on individual Bible studies. We have discovered that the "one-on-one" approach yields much fruit and contributes to solid church growth. Upon arrival in our cities, we visit with currently enrolled Bible correspondence course students and set up personal studies with them.

Why us:
The area is very receptive. As students of Spanish, or as individuals with Spanish speaking skills, we are able to begin working immediately, teaching and communicating with Latin Americans in their native tongue.

Supervisors in Latin America:
We work under the leadership of local missionaries and national preachers.

Target countries and cities:
In past campaigns to Venezuela, the group has centered its efforts in a number of larger cities such as Caracas, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Mérida and San Cristobal. As opportunities and needs arise, new locations are included in the outreach effort.

Previous campaigns:
Campaigns have been conducted every summer since 1978 mostly in Venezuela. In the past 25 years, well over 1,000 people have been added to the Lord's church either as a direct or as an indirect result of the Harding campaigns or work activities. At least six congregations have been established through contacts made in these efforts.

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A great door of opportunity is open to us in this yearly work. Please plan to help us, whether by joining us during the summer, or by providing support to those who will be members of our team.
--Philippians 4:17.

Overseeing Congregation for LATIN AMERICAN SUMMER CAMPAIGNS: The College Church of Christ, Searcy, Arkansas

Address for reference:
Latin American Missions
Box 10897, Harding University
Searcy, AR 72143
Email: avaconley@compuserve.com

The Venezuelan cities of Caracas, Cumaná, Barcelona, Ciudad Guayana, Maracay, San Felipe, Barquisimeto, Cabudare, Maracaibo, Cabimas, Mérida, San Cristobal, Valera, and Margarita Island; Comitan, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Lima, Peru.

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