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GenerationHU - Young Alumni of the Month

JANUARY   2014

GenerationHU - Photo

Emily Gemma '10


Emily Gemma graduated from Harding in 2010 with a degree in Professional Sales. During her time at Harding, she was a member of Ko Jo Kai and a Sub T-16 Queen. She was also a member of the American Marketing Association.

Gemma finished her MBA, also at Harding, in May of 2011, moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to be with her fiancé, John Gemma, while he was in medical school. They were married in 2012 and John, also a Harding alumnus, will graduate in May of 2014.

Gemma writes a blog called The Sweetest Thing. It began as a personal blog to update their family on their day-to-day life in Virginia.  During the spring and summer of 2013, she was approached by businesses to wear, feature and advertise their products. Over time, her blog began growing and turned into a full-out style and beauty blog. Today, The Sweetest Thing has worked with a number of businesses such as Francesca’s Collections, Abercrombie, Old Navy and H&M. She was also featured in the December 2013-January 2014 issue of People Style Watch.

Gemma relishes her time at Harding for the things that she learned and the relationships she built.

“Harding was an awesome experience for me academically, and I keep in touch with my professors and think of things I learned from them on a daily basis,” Gemma said. “The people on campus are what really made my experience so special. Not only did I meet my husband (from Ohio) there, I met several of my closest friends as well.”