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Items that are currently being recycled on campus include; paper, press board (packing such as a cereal box), plastic wrap/bags, corrugated cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum and metal cans, print and toner cartridges, cell phones, kitchen compost material (available to anyone with a home based composting program) metal scraps, electronic devices (computers and accessories, TV’s and anything with a circuit board).


Donation Stations are currently located in each residence hall.

Prior to May 2008, there was no active recycling program on campus. We now have:

275 Classroom Recycle Containers

534 Public area and/or Outside Recycle Containers


Collection Totals

Collection totals for 08/09 154,000 lbs or 77 tons of material diverted from the landfill.

Collection totals for 09/10 YTD 242,000 lbs with a goal for 250,000 for the entire year.


Cost Savings

Waste management removal savings for 08/09 over previous year costs was $39,000 which represented a 35% reduction

Waste management removal savings for 09/10 YTD over last year $21,192 which is a 37% reduction over last year.

Currently all recycled waste is given to the City of Searcy.  Savings come from reduced dumpster needs.  Basically the more we recycle the more we can drive down our dumpster costs by reducing pick up frequency.