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Office of Graduate Programs

Continue your formal education and see what additional opportunities are in your future! Harding offers several graduate and professional programs from which to choose.

Dr. Cheri Pierson Yecke serves as the Assistant Provost of Graduate Programs and Dr. Julie Hixson-Wallace serves as the Assistant Provost for Health Sciences. Both of them would be happy to assist you with additional questions.

Harding University offers an application fee waiver for McNair Scholars wishing to apply to its graduate and professional programs. Applicants must submit an approved form (PDF) signed by their McNair Director (or designate) signifying that they are McNair Scholars in good standing. For more information visit the McNair website.


As a prospective graduate or professional student, you can get information and apply to the program of your choice by contacting the office that hosts your program. See the List of Graduate Programs below.

Students With Disabilities please see the info for Graduate Studies on the Disability Services website.


This handbook is prepared especially for our graduate and professional students. Upon registering, students agree to conform to the high expectations and policies set forth in this handbook. It is beneficial for the graduate/professional student to become familiar with the information contained within this handbook.

Graduate/Professional Student Handbook pdf

Assistant Provost

Dr. Yecke oversees the graduate programs in the Colleges of Bible, Business, and Education. She is Secretary to the Provost Council and teaches Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Strategic Planning, and Leadership. She is also in charge of new program development.

Cheri Pierson YeckeCheri Pierson Yecke, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Graduate Programs


Assistant Provost for Health Sciences

In addition to serving as the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Hixson-Wallace oversees the professional programs in the Colleges of Nursing and Allied Health (Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, and Communication Sciences and Disorders programs.)  She is also Secretary to the Deans Council and a professor.

Julie Hixson-Wallace

Julie Hixson-Wallace, Pharm.D., BCPS
Assistant Provost for Health Sciences

Library Services

Graduate and Professional students at Harding have access to the following online resources:

ARKLink - an organization of Arkansas libraries whose goal is to facilitate cooperation and expand access to resources among member libraries around the state.

Interlibrary Loan - provides access to collections at other libraries and organizations.

EBSCO databases - Academic Search Complete and the Professional Development Collection. The library offers access to more than 90 other online databases that contain more than 40,000 full-text journals.

Distance Education Information Page - resources and contact information

Bracket Library Reserve Program

E-Learning and Instruction Librarian - assists students as a resource for “how to” questions, and instructs classes in the use of research materials and in the procedures and resources for accessing scholarly academia.

Consult the library's web page for more information on services.

Graduate Assistants

Harding University has two types of graduate assistantship programs:

University Level Graduate Assistantships: These graduate assistantships are those that are available university-wide on a competitive basis.  They are funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

A complete description of the program, including all forms, can be found in the Graduate Assistantship Handbook (pdf).  All forms are also available below:

GA Application Form pdf

GA Contract pdf

College or Department Level Graduate Assistantships: There are some graduate assistantships available directly from certain colleges or departments. These are specific to the sponsoring college or department, which handles both the eligibility criteria and the funding. For information regarding this sort of assistantship please contact the specific college or department of interest.

Graduate assistants have long been an integral part of university life and serve a dual purpose: the University benefits from the work of a budding professional, and the participating student benefits from a real-life experience related to his or her area of study, as well as receiving a scholarship and stipend. 

Working together, we can ensure that Harding’s Graduate Assistantship Program provides mutual benefits both to recipient students and to the university at large.

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee

The Graduate Academic Affairs committee (GAA) is the policy making body for graduate programs. Policies for programs in the Health Sciences are made by the Health Sciences Academic Affairs Committee (HSAA). Members of each committee include the appropriate assistant provost, deans, faculty representatives, student representatives, and the Registrar.

2013-2014: GAA Meetings

December 2013

2012-2013:  GAA Meetings

September 12, 2012  
October 10, 2012
December 12, 2012
March 20, 2013
April 10, 2013

2011-2012:  GAA Meetings

September 14, 2011
October 12, 2011
November 9, 2011
December 14, 2011
January 25, 2012
February 8, 2012 (GRE Concordance Charts)
March 21, 2012
April 11, 2012
April 18, 2012 Electronic Vote

2011-2012:  HSAA Meetings

September 28, 2011
November 30, 2011
January 25, 2012
February 22, 2012
March 28, 2012

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Office of Graduate Programs


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