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Pre-Law Program


A strong liberal arts education, which is considered by law schools to be the best preparation, provides a stable foundation for future law school success. Harding University offers such preparation through its preprofessional program in law which is directed by the Department of History and Social Science.  Because law schools generally do not require specific undergraduate majors, you can major in any undergraduate field you desire. Harding graduates with degrees ranging from business to social sciences have been admitted to law school. However, future benefits can be gained by concentrating studies in such areas as Political Science, Public Administration, History, Accounting, Bible, Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Management, or Social Science. Courses for majors in these departments require a higher degree of written work, reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and group discussion, thus preparing students for the nature of law school courses.

Students, upon entry into a law school, must have mastered expression, comprehension and fluidity of the English language, and be thoroughly acquainted with American institutions, values and culture. The Law School Admissions Test, required by most law schools, stresses creative thinking skills and writing ability.

Harding's challenging, Christian liberal arts curriculum, along with the extensive number of undergraduate law classes and other unique opportunities that pre-law students enjoy, entwine to provide a solid background to students desiring careers in law.

Your pre-law advisor will be assigned from the Department of History and Social Science. For further information contact Dr. Steven Breezeel, the departmental pre-law advisor at sbreezeel@harding.edu.

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