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Presentation Applications


Empressr - http://www.empressr.com/ 

Empressr is a free on-line tool that allows you to upload audio, videos, and images online for video creation, storage, and sharing. Empressr has really cool 3D transitions that you will not find in PowerPoint. You can embed your presentation into your web page, Facebook, wiki, blog, etc…If you are short on time and need images or video uploaded for a quick presentation, try Empressr’s quick upload feature that applies transitions automatically.


Glogster - www.edu.glogster.com  

Glogster is another alternative to PowerPoint where students and teachers alike have a blank campus to embed images, audio, text, and video in a web based format. Like Prezi, the navigation is nonlinear. EDU GLOGSTER is the 21st century version of a poster board. Teachers  and students create a collaborative online learning platform to explore and interact with online content and embedded media.


Livescribe - http://www.livescribe.com 

Livescribe provides a new low-cost mobile computing platform that enhances productivity, learning, communication and self-expression for anyone that uses pen and paper. This allows the students to record all the lectures while simultaneously making small notes and giving undivided attention to the professor.


Museum Box- http://museumbox.e2bn.org/   

A Museum box is a way of presenting information that allows you to create a cube project that can be shared with others. You can use photos, sounds, text, and even videos to make your presentation more interesting. This site provides tools that allow you to build up an argument or description of an event, person, or historical period by placing items in a box. It is a good way for students to present research.

Prezi - http://prezi.com/index 

Prezi provides a very nonlinear approach to presentations.  With a Prezi presentation, there are no slides to click through. Instead, everything is on a singular canvas ready for you to zoom, spin, and browse to whatever content you want to show including text, images, and video.  You can also embed your presentation in a website, wiki, blog or LMS such as Moodle or Canvas.


SlideRocket - http://www.sliderocket.com 

SlideRocket has more of the look and feel of PowerPoint but is a cloud-based tool.  Students can upload pictures from Flickr and YouTube videos directly ingot SlideRocket.In addition,SlideRocket has powerful tracking and collaboration tools.  You can also embed your presentation in a website, wiki, blog or LMS such as Moodle or Canvas.


Slideshare - http://www.slideshare.net/

Slideshare allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, word documents, PDF files for free online viewing. You can embed the slideshows into your website, wiki, blog or LMS such as Moodle or Canvas.


Tegrity - http://www.tegrity.com 

Tegrity allows students to focus in on learning and recorded lectures in a new way. Along with the traditional video viewing, students can search the content, collaborate with their instructors and classmates, take notes, set their own bookmarks and much, much more. No other lecture capture solution provides the same level of interactivity and collaboration as Tegrity. The result is enhanced learning efficiency, leading to greater academic achievement.


Turning Technologies - http://www.turningtechnologies.com 

Turning Technology transforms a traditional classroom setting into an interactive and engaging learning environment, along with increased student attendance. It helps create an open discussion encouraging student participation with the aid of visual charts. It allows professors to poll instantly and check the progress of student learning with short quizzes before class. These can be graded assignments which instantly provide immediate feedback to students enabling them to reflect on their understanding of the study material.


VoiceThread - http://voicethread.com 

The collaborative nature of VoiceThread allows multiple participants to work with the presentation jointly, where they can leave their thoughts, comments, reflections, and suggestions in an asynchronous environment.  A collaborative environment like VoiceThread erodes the barriers of time and space and extends learning beyond the classroom.  VoiceThread can be embedded into any website and offers a Moodle filter plugin, as well as iPod compatible exports.


Webdoc - http://www.webdoc.com/education

Do you like Glogster.edu, but find you want more of a social platform presence to your glog? Try webdoc, an interactive social platform that allows you to add almost anything into a WebDoc like a glog: pictures, videos and music. You can also add interactive applications like games, polls, and slideshows. Webdoc is where conversations take place spontaneously around events, topics, content, or common interest. Each webdoc can be centered on any concept, thing, event, or content. Webdoc allows students to collaboratively create content.  


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