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About Us

Campus-wide events

Below you will find all the Professional Development opportunities that we are currently offering to faculty, staff, and adjuncts.

October Training Opportunities

Department-Tailored Services: We can research and provide training that is custom-designed for your department's specific needs.

Personal Technology Assistance: If you would prefer direct, one-on-one assistance tailored to your individual needs, please contact us and we will come to you.

A/V Recording Lab

Our audio/visual recording lab provides a basic, yet functional facility designed to allow you to record lecture material in a quiet, controlled environment, free from the distraction of typical office activities. A popular use of the lab is to record voice-over presentations (Powerpoint) using Camtasia.

In addition, we offer post-production services, which include editing and exporting your recordings into any number of popular formats. For your convenience, we will also post your completed files to Canvas and/or iTunesU.

The Center serves the entire Harding faculty, staff, and students.





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Harding Center for Learning with Technology
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