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Faculty Focus

Here you will be able to find the Faculty Spotlight and other items in our monthly digest.



Faculty Technology Showcase

Jim Miller presented a Colloquium examined the power and use of Social Media in an education environment on March 27.

Faculty Spotlight

Rich Wells has made the switch from traditional PowerPoints to Prezi, an online presentation program. Both the teacher and his students have benefitted from the switch. 

 Wells has also integrated Socrative, an online quizzing tool, to help engage his students as well as check their understanding of the material.





The Center for Learning with Technology’s annual Faculty Technology Showcase has become the platform for faculty members to show their peers some of the unique ways they are using technology in their courses. On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, a group of faculty members gathered in the Regions room of Harding University’s David B. Burkes Heritage Building to observe the frontline between technology and education. The 2013 Faculty Technology Showcase featured 13 faculty members sharing their expertise and knowledge of certain technologies and systems, adapted to suit an educational or supplemental role.

There were many fresh and exciting technologies displayed at the Showcase, as well as traditional systems that are finding new, dynamic ground to cover.

Apart from the presentations that were being made to passersby, various door prizes were given away based on whether the raffle ticket holder that was drawn had followed the Center for Learning with Technology’s Twitter account. (@HULearnTech) Prizes included small favors such as USB flash drives to phone charger adapters, to large giveaways such as t-shirts and a Swivl iPhone accessory.

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