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College of Education in Scotland (COE-HUS)

COE-HUS is a five-week summer program for pre-student teachers.

Wonderful opportunities abound in Scotland through teaching experiences, field trips, tutoring, and observing. Relationships have been established with Scottish schools where our Pre-Student Teachers in the College of Education (COE) will tutor, observe, teach and assist. This particular aspect of our program strongly supports Harding's mission in "the promotion of citizenship within a global perspective" and allows more opportunities to experience diversity. Tuition charges for this program are based on 8 hours. Students taking more than eight hours will pay more. For more information regarding coursework and prerequisites, contact Mike Wood at

Required forms and information for enrolled COE-HUS students

Cost Sheet:  Summer 2014  Summer 2015

YouTube: Information concerning Pre-Student Teaching in Scotland, 2013

2013 color brochure and flier with costs, courses & tentative dates:

ECH & Mid-Level Brochure pdf   ECH & Mid-Level Flier pdf 

Secondary Brochure pdf           Secondary Flier pdf 

International Programs

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