Center for Learning with Technology

The Center for Learning with Technology is the discovery team for innovative and applicable technology resources that faculty can integrate into their courses to engage students. Here you will find resources that will assist you with helpful new practices for teaching and learning. 


Faculty Technology Showcase Events

Faculty Technology Showcase

The Faculty Technology Showcase is a yearly fall event that provides the opportunity for Harding faculty and guests to share and visit with colleagues about the new and innovative teaching technologies they use in their classrooms, that enhances teaching and improves student learning.  The Showcase is in an informal interactive poster-session format allowing faculty and guests to demonstrate and discuss their experiences using innovative methods and technology tools to impact teaching, learning and student success.

Event information: Click Here! (registration deadline: August 26th @ 5:00 p.m.)



Technology Showcase

At the Faculty Technology Showcase, you will:
  • Meet new people who are well versed in the ways of technological integration for the classroom.
  • Glean new ideas for your own use in the classroom.
  • Improve your own learning with the help of the scheduled lecturers.
  • Adapt ways you can help improve students learning outcomes.
  • Enjoy a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Past Showcases
Thank you to everyone who helped make our showcase great this year, an archive for previous showcases can be found below.
2015: Technology in Motion

About Our Center

What can we do for you?

Use our audio/visual studio to record lecture materials and presentations, we'll produce them, then make them accessible to your students via Canvas or YouTube.
Record your lectures live in the classroom. Using Echo360 Lecture Capture, we can connect your classroom to your Canvas for students to review.
We offer training in up-and-coming technology that can help you engage students in and out of the classroom. 
 Build your Canvas courses to make them cohesive and easy to use for you and your students.

Training Opportunities

Department-Tailored Services: We can provide training that is custom-designed for your department's specific needs.

Personal Technology Assistance: If you would prefer direct, one-on-one assistance tailored to your individual needs, please contact us and we will come to you.

Course Development: We use the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric, designed for the development of online and blended courses, to assist with your design needs.

A/V Recording Lab

Our audio/visual recording lab provides a basic, yet functional facility designed to allow you to record lecture material in a quiet, controlled environment, free from the distraction of typical office activities. A popular use of the lab is to record voice-over presentations (PowerPoint) using Camtasia.

In addition, we offer post-production services, which include editing and exporting your recordings into any number of popular formats. For your convenience, we will also post your completed files to Canvas and/or YouTube.

The Center serves the entire Harding University faculty.

Meet our Staff

The Center is staffed primarily by Dr. Diana Tepe and Naomi Valentine. Working alongside the staff at the Center are Keith Cronk, Paula Kirby, and Allison Case.

Diana Tepe, Ed.D

Lead Instructional Designer/IS&T
Harding University Box 12264

Diana Tepe has a Doctor of Education from the University of Memphis in Instructional Design and Technology with over 7 years work in the corporate world developing and delivering stand-up, online, and computer-based instruction. Before working as an Instructional Designer, she taught for 5 years at the University of Memphis. Diana and her husband, Kirk, attend Downtown church and they have 2 daughters, who are graduates of HU: Jaclyn Seiders - Education and Leah Penn - Dietetics. Diana especially enjoys spending time with her two grandsons, Wyat and Benjamin Penn.

Naomi Valentine, B.B.A, M.B.A

Instructional Designer/IS&T
Harding University Box 12264

Naomi has been in higher education for approximately 8 years, working with Harding's MBA and Adult and Online Studies programs. Naomi provides assistance in online monitoring, development and instructional design. She recently received her Peer Review Certification (PRC) using the Quality Matter (QM) Rubric, a certification which focuses on the design quality of a course. Naomi received her M.B.A from Harding University in 2014 and is currently working for the Center for Learning with Technology; in the IS&T department. In this role, she is able to assist faculty and staff with their design needs, ensuring that all users achieve the outcome they desire. She is also an Adjunct Business instructor for the Center for Adult and Online Studies, at Harding University.  Naomi's motto is: "strive for excellence in all that you do!"

Goals and Mission


Our goal is to help you discover applicable technology resources that you can integrate into your instruction to more dynamically engage your students in the learning process.


The Center for Learning with Technology collaborates with faculty to promote instructional and learning excellence at Harding University using effective education and communication technologies.

The Center initiates a wide range of activities to enhance, promote, and invigorate teaching and learning by continually investigating and implementing teaching innovations using current technology.

The Center strives to:

  • Keep abreast of current best teaching and learning practices.
  • Incorporate current teaching and learning best practices into Harding programs.
  • Undertake ongoing and focused professional development.
  • Gain peer recognition.
  • Be fully engaged in using technology to its potential.


Unlock The Posibilities

CLT Tutorials

The Center for Learning with Technology offers training videos and PDF tutorials on a variety of the following resources. Select this link to navigate to the CLT Tutorial page:

CLT Tutorials

All training sessions have concluded for this semester. Stay tuned for next semesters training schedule

Colloquium Series

The Center for Learning with Technology host a Colloquium Series during the spring term, each Colloquium series provide an arena for discussion to focus on the presenters research, scholarship, and/or teaching pertaining to technology.

More on Colloquium Series

 The Colloquium Series is a platform for Harding  faculty to present their research, scholarship, or teaching approaches that are related to areas in technology and curriculum integration. Faculty share their unique approach to interesting and innovative approaches to facilitate student learning through the use of technology.  Colloquia are are intended to be lively discussions rather than presentations and can be designed to help resolve problems, answer questions, or provide a stimulus for further investigation and application.

Colloquium Series Videos

Dr. Marguerite Cronk
Dr. Marguerite Cronk lectures on using a game enhanced point reward system to increase student engagement and participation in class discussion in the Bracket Library February 12th, 2013.
Dr. Tim Westbrook
Dr. Tim Westbrook lectures on distance education at the 2014 Harding University Colloquium series.

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