Computer Replacement Program

In order to facilitate the exchange of files and expertise among employees it is important that all computers on campus be capable of running the currently supported software. ITS coordinates an obsolescence prevention program for desktop computers with the stated purpose of replacing computers that have become too old and are a liability to productivity. Each summer we will replace the oldest 25% of computers on campus with a new computer. This is strictly a replacement program. In order to receive one of the new computers the old computer must be removed from service. Managers must budget through the traditional approval process in order to increase the number of computers within their department.

Replacement computers will be configured to be appropriate for typical office tasks. However, some tasks will require a more expensive computer, such as a laptop computer. In order for us to provide an upgraded replacement computer we will need to be notified by e-mail of your hardware requirements by May 1st. The department requesting the upgrade will be charged for the additional cost incurred by the upgrade. We will send reminders of this policy during the annual budget process and again before the May 1st deadline.