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Employee Guide

Welcome to Harding!  Many Information Technology (IT) resources are available to you.  This guide was created to to give you an idea of the electronic resources that are available and how they may be useful to you.

Likely there is someone in your department who will help you get started and show you the normal ways you will be using IT services.  In addition to that, our Help Desk people are always happy to help in any way.  If you are a faculty member, you might find it helpful to review the Student Guide as well to better understand the services and resources your students will be using.

Your Account

An account will be created for you after you complete the Human Resources orientation process. You will use it to access all online information at Harding.  It is your IT identity and also gives access to various resources that are private by law or university policy, so you should change the password regularly and not share it.

You can change your password by going to password.harding.edu.  If you forget your password, you can call the Help Desk at 501-279-4440 and they can reset it for you after verifying your identity.

Your Computer

Most employees have access to a computer provided and maintained by ITS.  This computer will be connected to the campus network in order to provide email, internet and other services.  As the university provides it, it is intended for work-related purposes.

Hardware Support
Support is provided by the Client Service and Consulting area of ITS.

All office computers are replaced on a four-year cycle.

Printer Support
Workgroup and departmental printers are supported under a maintenance contract with an outside vendor.

Software Support
The ITS supports the software that is pre-installed on your computer in addition to many other packages.

Special Software
We realize that there is discipline-specific software.  We will help to install it, but we cannot be experts in all of it, so will depend on you for much of the knowledge of how to use the software. 

Basic Tools & Processes

With your account, you have a free email account within the 'harding.edu' domain. Your e-mail address is username@harding.edu where username is the Harding username you have been assigned.

Harding is in the process of converting to Google Apps for Education to host email, calendars, chat and document sharing.  You can log into your e-mail through the Pipeline portal, or, if you have opted-in to the Google Apps email option, you can go directly to Connect.Harding.Edu from any internet connection.  With Google, you have 2 Gigabytes of mail storage. For more on Google Apps email...

The campus uses Google Calendars for most of its calendar needs.  With your Google Apps email account, you also have a calendar.  Within the calendar page, you can set up appointments as well as see limited information about other calendars.

Harding's portal for students, faculty, and staff is at Pipeline.Harding.Edu.  Use it to access your Harding information - Financial Aid, grades, class schedules and much more.

Microsoft Office
Harding adopted Microsoft Office as a standard for campus use some years ago.  As such, Office, Excel, PowerPoint Publisher and Access are installed on all university-owned computers.

M: Drive Network Storage
Each employee network storage with their account.  This storage is available from any networked computer on campus as well as from off-campus through VPN.  This data is backed up and we encourage you to keep your documents here instead of on your hard drive.  When you log into the network, the drive will be mapped automatically and can be accessed from the "My Computer" link on Windows computers and by ... on Macintosh computers.

Other Services

The Client Support and Consulting area provides training for most products used generally on campus.  If you cannot find what you need, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4440 as many resources are added and classes are scheduled based on demand. 

Wireless Access
Wireless access is available in many spots on campus. Most areas provide secured access and guest access.  The secured access uses your Harding username and password to authenticate and will give access to your M Drive.  The guest access does not authenticate, but will allow you to use internet resources.  We do not recommend using this for Harding business.
Personal Websites
Faculty members are provided the option of creating personal websites.  This is done by putting the pages in a folder named "www" within your M Drive.  It can then be accessed by the URL http://www.harding.edu/jdoe/index.html (replace jdoe with your username.)  The filename index.html is the default and can be omitted if that is your home page.
Content Management System (CMS)
The Cascade Server from Hannon Hill Corporation is used for Content Management.  This page as well as the rest of Harding's public site are created using it.  Training is available through the Help Desk.
Voice Mail
Voice mail service is provided to faculty and staff at no charge.  Contact Harding Telephone Service at extension 4100 for assistance.
Content Filtering
Harding uses the SmartFilter system to filter internet access on campus.  Certain types of content are blocked through both wired and wireless connections. Web Filter Review Request.
Protecting Your Computer and Your Identity
In these days of internet scams, you need to protect your computer and your identity.
Software for Employee-Owned Computers
Through our license with Microsoft, the Microsoft Office suite of products as well as upgrade licenses for Microsoft Windows XP Professional are available for installation on computers owned by employees.  For further information, contact the Help Desk.


Harding has several policies and procedures to help keep your identity and your data secure.

Having Problems?

Need help? Contact the Help Desk at extension 4440, see them in the Administration Building basement, or email them at itshelp@harding.edu.

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