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Student Guide

Welcome to Harding!  Many Information Technology (IT) resources are available to you. This guide was created to to give you an idea of the electronic resources that are available and how they may be useful to you.

Before You Come...

We have recommendations to make your use of technology at Harding easier and more productive.

What kind of computer should you have and what accessories would be helpful.

What software is required and what will be easiest to use on campus

Cable TV
Cable TV is provided in campus housing.  You will need your own cable to connect your set to the jack.  You can find the channel line-up here (pdf).

The DormNet office is responsible for managing the Student Help Desk and will be happy to assist you with your technology needs.  They can be reached at 501-279-4545, or at dormnet@harding.edu.

Accounts and Email

An account will be created for you when you are admitted.  You will use it to access all online information at Harding.  It is your IT identity, so you should change the password regularly and not share it.  You will be required to change your password at least once a year. You can find rules for good passwords here.

To use your account, you must activate it first.  Go to pipeline.harding.edu and click on "Activate my Account" at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions.  Your username will be displayed after you have activated your account.  If you encounter problems while activating your account, please call Student Support & Communications' Help Desk at 501-279-4545.

You can change your password by going to password.harding.edu.  If you forget your password, you can go to pipeline.harding.edu and click on "Forgot Password".  If you are still experiencing problems, please call the DormNet Help Desk at 501-279-4545.

With your account, you have a free email account within the 'harding.edu' domain. Your email address is username@harding.edu where username is the Harding username you have been assigned.

Harding uses Google Apps for Education to host email and calendars.  You can log into your e-mail through the Pipeline portal, or you can go directly to connect.harding.edu and log in to your Harding e-mail.

Network Access

Pipeline Portal
Harding's portal for students, faculty, and staff is at pipeline.harding.edu.  Use it to access your Harding information - financial aid, grades, class schedules and much more.

M: Drive Network Storage
Each student has 1 gigabyte of network storage with their account.  This storage is available from any networked computer on campus, so you can save something on your M: Drive in your room and go to a public lab to print it out without using a jump drive, etc.

Dorm and Apartment Network Access
DormNet is a service provided by Harding's Student Support & Communications department that brings the Internet and the campus network directly to a student's personal computer.

Wireless Access
Wireless access is available in most buildings on campus, and is now available in all of the dormitories and on-campus apartments, including Legacy Apartments and Village Apartments. Most areas provide secured access and guest access.  The secured access uses your Harding username and password to authenticate and will give access to your M: Drive. The guest access does not authenticate, but will allow you to use Internet resources. Content Filtering
Harding uses content filtering software to filter Internet access on campus. All web access on campus, whether through the campus network or the wireless guest network, is filtered. If you encounter a site that is blocked and you feel it should not be, there is a link on the page to request that a site be re-categorized. The request will be evaluated to determine whether to change the categorization. Computer Registration
You will be asked to register your computer before you will be able to access the Internet. This ensures that your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software installed and running and that your operating system is current and up-to-date. Protecting Your Computer and Your Identity
In these days of internet scams, you need to protect your computer and your identity.


Harding has several policies and suggested practices to help keep your identity and your data secure.

Having Problems?

Need help? Contact Student Support & Communications' Help Desk at 501-279-4545, see them in the Administration Building room 205 or email them at dormnet@harding.edu.

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