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Harding’s recreation program offers multiple opportunities for students to stay active. Our intramural and social club athletics are coordinated out of the recreation program and provide a place for students to play organized athletics in flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, and other sports.

The recreation program, also has facilities for students use such as the indoor swimming pool, gym, racquetball courts, student weight room, and group exercise room. There are also outdoor facilities that include track, jogging trail, tennis courts, basketball, sand volleyball, disc golf, and a free play field. The recreation program also offers free group exercise classes to students.


The intramural athletics program at Harding University is designed to give all students an opportunity to participate in a variety of recre-ational activities, many of which they can carry over into later life.

"A sport for every man and every man in a sport" is our guiding theme. Our program exists for the beginner, the expert and every level of skill in between. In fact, we encourage those who have the desire to do so to sign up for an activity they have never played and to learn while doing.

The intramural athletics program is dedicated to the ideal that one who participates should be a better Christian for having done so. When we fail in this, we have failed to accomplish a major objective of the program. We believe the essence of wholesome recreation is found in ones relation-ship to teammates, opponents, officials and spectators. It is good to develop skill and stamina for an activity; it is better to develop social attributes inherent in the activity.

Point System

Intramural activities are divided into six groups: team, singles, doubles, sports skill, interclub and free play. The first four groups - team, singles, doubles and sports skill - earn intramural points toward awards. Club activities and free play do not carry any point value.

The point system is designed to encourage learning a wide variety of activities in year-round competition and to provide a measuring device for awards presentations. Each activity in the divisions that earn points is assigned a designated number of points. At the end of the school year, the students with the highest accumulated points win a letter jacket. Since the number is not limited, every student who finishes the requirements receives a jacket.

Students who wish to compete for a letter jacket should enter as many of the point-earning events as possible because the key to winning is participation. Winners are not always the best athletes but rather the students who participate in a variety of activities throughout the year.


To be announced at the end of each Intramural events competition.

Club Athletics

All students currently active in a social club are eligible for participation in this program. Clubs have the opportunity to field teams as deemed fitting for each tournament. Athletic Directors for each club will be responsible for creating the teams.

Officials for games will be provided by the Recreation Director. 

An All-Sports award will be given at the A and B Team levels for both Large and Small Clubs based on points accumulated through the school year. Point values for places will be determined at the start of the academic year by the Recreation Director. 

All club sports are scheduled and administered using the website www.imleagues.com/harding.

All club members are required to register on the site using their @harding.edu email address provided by the University.

Jim Gowen

Jim Gowen is the Director of Men's Intramurals.

Phone: 501-279-4625

Tom RitchieTom Ritchie is the Recreation Director.
Phone: 501-279-4972