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Milk link for Zambia


1) Scripture of the week: 

1 Samuel 12:13-15  Good to be king...

2) ANG Fun Links:

Congress Games:   http://familyeducation.com/quiz/0,1399,1-4504,00.html



The Library of Congress' Thomas (Congressional Info) - excellent link

Videos: I'm Just a Bill        I'm an Executive Order

Here's the Concord Coalition's Federal Budget  Game

National Debt CIA Fact book National Comparisons; The Economist's Interactive Map and International Debt Clock;

The Concord Coalition, a great information resource for the National Debt Crisis. 

Here's the President's Proposed 2014 Budget in one chart.Obama's 2014 budget proposal


Here's a short video on Federal Reapportionment!


Presidential Quiz:    http://www.funbrain.com/who/index.html 

Animaniac's President Song

Presidential Approval Rating Timeline




We have much to be grateful for, and much to learn,



Here are the required texts for my courses. 

American National Government students (POLS 205): The Spring 2015 syllabus is online.  The Spring 2015 week by week schedule is also available.  

State and Local students (POLS 353):  Here is  the Spring 2015 syllabus.  The Spring  2015 Schedule is pending.



Public Administration students (POLS 304): Here is the Fall 2014  syllabus.  Here is the Fall 2014 schedule

Public Policy students (POLS 306):  Here is the Spring 2014 syllabus.  Here is the Spring 2014 schedule.




The Library of Congress' Thomas (Congressional Info) - excellent link

Make-up tests will be given in my choice of essay or original format.  Make-up tests are only available for excused absences.


And in other news, plagiarism is bad...

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