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(Everything You Wanted to Know About How We Pick Presidential Candidates, But Were Afraid To Ask)



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Constitution Study Links:

There are three quizzes.  The first quiz is on Articles 1-7. The second quiz is on the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1-10.  The last quiz is on Amendments 11-27.  The quizzes are a combination of matching and a few multiple choice. You'll need to be familiar enough with each article or amendment to match it to a brief description and to know what the article or amendment actually does.  You'll also want to be familiar with the powers of each branch of government.

Good luck!

Lori Klein

Top Ten Constitutional Provisions

Dr.Breezeel's Comprehensive Study Guide

Mrs. Klein's Cheesy Mnemonic Devices

Sponge Bob and the First Amendment

Constitution Online
Constitution Outlines

The Constitution Explained

Look, a link to a spiffy new Constitution guide with nice graphics from my fellow nerd, Caitlin.  Atta girl!