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Isaiah 33
22 For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
it is he who will save us.


POLS 353/553                                                           Arkansas, State and Local Government
Syllabus Class Schedule Grades

"Me and My State and Local Government" Form    Rubric    Top Ten Ways to Irritate the Woman Who Grades Your Papers

Hannah D Woods at the Brackett Library has offered to act as a research consultant for you with your "Me and My State and Local Government" project.  She will be able to assist you in your search for legitimate source materials and in your efforts to properly document your sources.  She is available for this service by appointment only. Students can make an appointment at this link: https://hwood.youcanbook.me/   This is not a required activity for your paper, but I believe it will be helpful to you!

Worksheet for Local Government Observations

PowerPoint Outlines and Study Guides:
1) Why Should I Care? Day One Lecture 2) Fiscal Federalism, Dillon's Rule and Home Rule, and Constitutions 3) Legislatures

I'm Just a Bill

I'm an Executive Order


4) Direct Democracy and How to Read a Bill 5) Legislature - Interim

6 and 7) Executive Branch and Cabinets


8) Bureaucracy  9) Policy Implementation/Development  10) Judicial Branch


(11 Judge Edwards)   12) Federal Judicial Decisions with State Impacts 13) Apportionment    

Here's a short video on Federal Reapportionment!

14) Local Government Intro  15) Combined City and County Government


(16 County JP/City Code Officer Mike Cleveland)

(17 Mayor David Morris)


18)Land Use/ Property Rights


Read this for the Land Use Lectures!

(19 Urban Land Use Speaker Coleman Yoakum)


20 Land Use In class Readings 21 Me and My State and Local Government project 22) Education
(23 TBA Education Speaker)


24)  Revenue 25) Budgeting


(26 Budgeting Application)



28) Elections, Political Parties and Interest Groups


(29 Bruce Alt - Lobbyist) (30 Test 10 and Post Test; Review and Question Time)  
Christians and Politics

Arkansas Education Stats

Federal Education Fast Facts


  Letter Lecture - How to write your elected representatives

Stateline  News



This is a link to the Census' State and Local Governments Federal Aid Report



Every five years the US government does a census of local governments.  Take a look at the results.