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From the President
Spiritual goals

By David B. Burks

President, David B. Burks

We strive for the University to be a blessing to others. The College of Bible and Religion takes this literally by holding a blessing ceremony twice a year for its graduates. As the spring blessing ceremony came to a close, faculty, students and their families joined to sing, "Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of kings."

Serving the "King of kings" remains at the core of our University. Our board has asked this magazine to print the introduction to the five-year strategic plan because the members want you to know our conviction that Harding remains a Christian university is as strong as ever. Love for God and for others is at the heart of our mission.

The start of the new school year is always exciting for me as we meet together and share goals relating to our mission. At the annual faculty/staff dinner before classes began, I related a specific goal for the College of Bible and Religion of which I would like to make you aware.

We want to add more students majoring in Bible because there is a great shortage in this area — particularly people planning to preach. We feel the University must step up and do more than we currently are.

During the course of the next five years, we would like to increase the number of Bible majors to 10 percent of our  undergraduate enrollment. We will have to commit more resources to this task and realize this will be difficult to achieve. If we fail to do things differently than we have in the past, this will not happen. But we need more people who are the right people committed to preaching God's word.

To make this goal happen will require creativity. It will also need our best efforts. I am excited to see what takes place.

And just as 38 Bible majors received a blessing in May, the fruit of this goal will result in blessings to many. Please pray for its success. 

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