Harding Magazine

Before the sun shines

By Tom Buterbaugh

It is early morning Thursday, April 10, the 101st day of 2008. While FEMA's national situation update states "conditions in Arkansas could become quite dangerous with numerous large and long-lived tornadoes possible," it is calm but overcast as first risers start their day. Night owls may find it hard to believe, but activity is beginning all across campus in these morning hours before classes begin. The silence of the night is interrupted by such sounds as vacuum cleaners running, weights clanging and voices praying. Four photographers rose in the dark to give a glimpse of early morning life on campus.

The sign at the corner of Center and Grand streets welcomes visitors to campus 24 hours a day.
Photo by Jeff Montgomery
Harding sign
security wathing for storms
Watching the radar for impending storms, staff officer Richard Crowley works the midnight to 8 a.m. shift.
Photo by Jeff Montgomery
Assistant to the reference librarian and part-time student, Laura King arrives at Brackett Library at 6 a.m., which allows her to take classes later in the day. Her husband, Jared, comes with her, working as a custodian.
Photo by Jeff Montgomery
Library staff on computer
making breakfast
In the Charles White Dining Hall, Aramark employee Willene Kusler combines ingredients as she makes biscuits for breakfast.
Photo by Philip Holsinger
Shannon Brazas, a freshman from Hilton, N.Y., cleans before classes begin in the American Studies Building.
Photo by Jeff Montgomery
student vacuuming
student on floor of hospital
With her clinical chronic health rotation beginning at 6 a.m., senior Jessica Enocksen of Spring, Texas, starts her day reviewing charts at White County Medical Center in Searcy.
Photo by Alyssa Moran
An early morning air conditioning problem in Allen Hall finds Dana McMillion, director of maintenance, on the job.
Photo by Jeff Montgomery
looking into the ceiling
praying around table
Dr. Kevin Stewart, assistant professor of chemistry; Steve Guymon, head men's and women's track and cross country coach; and Shane Fullerton, assistant women's basketball coach, participate in a 7:15 a.m. monthly prayer group in the President's conference room.
Photo by Philip Holsinger
Since the weather is not conducive to running outside, Andrew White, a sophomore from Centralia, Mo., hits the treadmill in the Wellness Center before classes begin.
Photo by Craig Rainbolt
students on treadmills


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