Harding Magazine Spring 2010


Living by faith

President, David B. BurksBy David B. Burks, president

If the apostle Paul were writing Hebrews today, likely listed among those in chapter 11 who “I do not have time to tell about” would be two giants of the faith, Dr. Henry C. Farrar and Jim Bill McInteer.

These two men served the Lord faithfully all the days of their lives. They were not only alumni but also longtime beloved board members. Farrar died Feb. 22 after a fall six days earlier, and McInteer died March 8.

Janice Bingham, an associate professor in the College of Nursing, described Farrar as an “icon in medical missions.”

His influence on African missions was vast as evidenced by this guestbook note from Chisara and Tochi Umezurike: “To those of us at Nigerian Christian Hospital, the news of the passing on of Dr. Farrar was like a partial physical eclipse of the world we know. Our physical and spiritual consciousness of the contours of our world is ever present with certain luminary icons like Dr. Farrar. He was a hardworking, loving, caring and compassionate man who saw the essence of life to lie in selfless service to the sick, weak and poor.”

McInteer, who would have received a 60-year pin in April for his service to the board, served as secretary for 25 years.

This beloved minister’s humility was clearly evidenced in 1993 when he found out the new Bible building then under construction would be named in his honor, saying, “I’ve been on this board for 43 years and never missed a meeting, except yesterday. The one meeting I miss they go and do something foolish.”

Part of his endearing legacy is his love for his cherished wife, Betty, deeply demonstrated by his tender care during her struggle with Alzheimer’s. As he said, “The best thing that has happened to me at Harding was when my precious wife accepted my proposal of marriage.” Both men lived lives as servants of God and their fellow man. They are truly heroes of the faith.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

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