Harding Magazine Winter 2010

From the President

Creating value

President, David B. BurksBy David B. Burks

This past year, we asked you what you value most about your Harding experience.

As you responded, we found the key ingredient mentioned dealt with relationships formed and grown during your time here, especially the most important one with Jesus Christ.

You commented on things such as “eternal life,” “Christian relationships,” “God doing the impossible,” “Christian principles,” “wonderful friendships,” “worldview from a Christian perspective,” “a more excellent way,” and many more. A long list of Godly men and women were cited as examples of imperfect people guiding others into a more perfect way.

In the foreword to the 75th anniversary book Against the Grain, my friend and long-time board member Jim Bill McInteer (’42) shares the values he found here, writing, “My life was blessed more than words could ever convey. At Harding, I found one to become my wife for more than a half century. At Harding, I found friends of trust, conviction and loyalty. At Harding, I found, then and now, an alma mater that seeks to make people better. And at Harding, I found a most valuable and courageous institution that taught me that two plus two equals four while pointing me to the usage of all truth for the betterment of all men.”

Our Harding family believes service to others is the mark of true servanthood and one of the main keys to successful relationships. We encourage our students to build real, deep and lasting relationships with God, the church, family and their friends.

That service manifested in putting others ahead of self is why faculty members like Dr. Rich Brown run marathons raising thousands of dollars for children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s why alumni Casey (’03) and Mary Beth Stanford (’03) Picker traveled to Ethiopia to adopt, giving a child opportunities he otherwise would not have had.

It’s why so many of you serve the Lord where he has planted you.

As we seek to instill those values in students today, we pray that same message  will return in years to come when they are asked what stuck with them from their Harding experience.

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