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Visitor Parking: Visitors may park in any slot available other than loading or reserved slots or 15 min. ones for more than that time. In addition, overnight parking is restricted in areas marked as such.

List of No Overnight Parking Areas

- Grad Lot: Parking lot north of Grad Hall.
- Rhodes Lot: All parking in the Rhodes Field House lot except for the three half rows at the southern end of the lot.
- Mabee Lot: Parking lot east of the Mabee Building.
- Harding Drive: All parking around Harding Drive.
- Center Street: Parking lot between the Mabee and Science Buildings.
- Science Lot: Parking lot north of Science Building.
- Science North: Parking lot across Market Street north of the Science Building.
- Gravel Lot: Gravel parking lot northeast of Science Building across Market Street.
- McInteer Lot: Parking lot north of the McInteer Building.
- Student Center: Parking lot north of the Student Center
- Heritage: All parking around the Heritage Building.
- Heritage North: Parking lot north of the Heritage Building across Market Street.
- Market West: Parking lot northwest of the Heritage Building across Market & Grand Streets.
- Grand Street: Parking lot west of the cafeteria along Grand Street.
- Intramural Lot: All parking at the intramural field and tennis court area.