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Accelerated Track

Students who possess an undergraduate degree and have been exposed to the Common Business Proficiency Components may move directly into the Accelerated MBA Track, our 36 credit-hour program.  The Accelerated MBA track is designed for students seeking a traditional MBA that can be completed in a short time.

The program begins with an emphasis on essential skills necessary to be successful in Harding's MBA program. Students move on to explore core business fundamentals in the areas of ethics, management, accounting, financial management, quantitative business analysis, and marketing.  The curriculum is presented in a logical flow to facilitate the learning process, culminating in an experiential capstone course.

The Accelerated MBA curriculum requires the completion of 10 core classes, representing 30 credit hours of study. In addition to the core classes, students choose two (2) elective courses, representing 6 credit hours of study, resulting in completion of the required 36 hours for an MBA degree. Students may choose their electives from any of our five different areas of study, which are Leadership and Organizational Management, International Business, Information Technology Management, and Health Care Management.

Below is an example of the MBA Accelerated Track.

Core (30 hours):

The Master of Business Administration curriculum consists of the following 30-hour Core courses.  All students must take these ten core courses, in addition to electives determined by track selected.

ACCT 655 Accounting Theory and Practice (3 Hrs)

BUS 601 Ethics, Legal and Social Issues in Business (3 Hrs)

BUS 640 Ethics in the Legal Environment (3 Hrs)

BUS 651 Financial Management (3 Hrs)

BUS 652 QBA/Research (3 Hrs)

ECON 653 Applied Theory of Economics (3 Hrs)

MGT 600 Ethics in Management Skills and Analysis (3 Hrs)

MGT 650 Managing People and Organizations (3 Hrs)

MKTG 654 Marketing Management (3 Hrs)

MGT 668 Corporate Strategy and Planning (3 Hrs)

Total Core Hours               30 HOURS

Electives (6 hours):  Six (6) hours, or two (2) courses, are to be selected from the following 600-level categories:

HCM (Health Care Management)

IB (International Business)

IT (Information Technology)

MGT (Leadership & Organizational Management)

Total Elective Hours               6 HOURS


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