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Portfolio Requirements

Our Portfolio requirement is innovative in that while other colleges such as education require portfolios, it appears very few business schools and MBA programs require it.

 The portfolio requirement is in lieu of other often used exit requirements such as either a comprehensive exam or a master's thesis. Given that the MBA is a practitioner's degree in contrast to a researcher's degree, we felt compelled to develop a capstone exit requirement that was commensurate with the mission of our program. We also wanted such a requirement to be progressive through the program rather than an abrupt hurdle at the end of the program. This ongoing aspect of the portfolio requirement is also hoped to add some continuity from course to course in the various sequences a student may choose to complete their degree. Therefore, the fact students receive feedback beginning with the first course and the grade they receive on the portfolio artifact for that course, the student can assess their own potential to complete the program successively. In addition the portfolio can be used by the student to showcase their work as they might be interviewing with prospective employers. Our decision to adopt LiveText as our portfolio management software makes such a showcase quite seamless to develop and share.

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