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Management Information Systems

Technology and Business are two of the most powerful influences in the world today. Individuals who can turn data into business intelligence are in high demand. The Management Information Systems (MIS) major (previously known as Information Technology)  leverages information technology by focusing on the informational component of business products, services or processes.

To be an MIS professional you must have a healthy curiosity - a desire to learn about new technologies that can be applied to business problems, and a desire to work with people. MIS majors;

  • Are good problem solvers
  • Can think strategically about technology
  • Like responsibility for developing and then implementing their ideas
  • Can bridge both technology and business
  • Can see both details and the big picture
  • Are excellent communicators
  • Can manage time and resources well

Knowledge areas include;  Information Systems Planning and Management, Systems Analysis and Design, IS Project Management, Web Development, Networking, Data Management, Database Management, C++ and Visual .Net as well as a sound knowledge of core business disciplines. This broad knowledge base provides maximum contribution to managing the information needs of an organization.

Knowledge and skills acquired through the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems are transferable across many sectors such as government, education, the arts, commerce, and industry as well as across the globe. Opportunities may include but are not limited to:

Academia, business systems analyst/auditor/designer, computer systems analyst/consultant, database administrator/designer, data processing system analyst, electronic commerce consultant, information systems consultant/manager,   IT consultant/trainer, client delivery specialist, project manager, risk management services, user support, web analyst/designer/developer, knowledge engineer and change management consultant.

MIS Dept.