Management Information Systems Major


To major in the area of Management Information Systems (MIS), several educational requirements must be accomplished before a student may graduate. A total of 128 credit hours must be accumulated from classes that are chosen from the areas of General Education, Bible, the Business Core, and the MIS Major. Below is a list of  the major specific courses required of each student beginning study in the area of MIS in the Catalog year of 2008. For a description of each course please go to the catalog.



General Education 54 Hours
Business Core  40 - 41 Hours
MIS Major 29 to 32 Hours
  COMP150 -C++
  IS200- Data Management and IS290 Management Information Systems (in the business core);  IS280 - and

IS312- Network Admininstration, IS320- Systems Analysis and Design,

IS350- Systems Planning and Management, IS380- Database Design ,

IS400- Project Management, IS410- IS Project

Choose One From IS270-Web Concepts, COMP250- Internet Development, COMM254- Cyberspace
 Choose One From
 IS379 -Internship, any upper level COBA class.
Total Hours 128

MIS Dept.