Harding University
July 15, 2011

University hosts annual Honors Symposium for high school juniors

Since 1993, the Honors Symposium has welcomed high school students in
their junior year to take part in a challenging two-week academic
program at Harding University. The number of participants since its
initial session has grown from 42 to 200, and, for the past five
years, it has hosted students from 40 states and six foreign

Faculty and students come together in the ancient Greek symposium
style to share ideas and discuss relevant topics, such as
international development, worldview, international relations,
theater, missions, the Exodus and music.

“The purpose of the Honors Symposium is for faculty and students alike
to sit around a mythological table and talk about important ideas that
help shape who we are and what we want to be,” said Dr. Jeff Hopper,
dean of International Programs and director of the Honors Symposium.
“I am so pleased to work with gifted and curious university students,
faculty and symposium students.”

Students participate in lectures, discussion groups and interactive
classes, as well as fun activities in the evening to allow them to
form friendships with fellow juniors. Each of the four sessions
enrolls 50 students, with the first session starting on June 24 and
the last ending July 29. Students who successfully complete the
program will earn three hours of transferable university credit.

Admission to the symposium is treated on an individual basis, with
special consideration given to grade point average, national
standardized test scores and a reference letter. This year all four
sessions filled up quickly with waiting lists for each. Students are
encouraged to apply early for next summer’s symposium sessions.

For more information, please contact the Honors College at 501-279-4056.