Harding University
August 4, 2011

Pharmacy professor moonlights as radio DJ

By day, Dr. James Nesbit can be found teaching classes as an assistant
professor in the College of Pharmacy at Harding University. But every
Thursday and Sunday night he lays aside the medical books and
transforms into his alter ego as “The Doc” to invite listeners to
enter “Doc’s Apothecary Dream World.”

“The purpose of the show is to reveal that the best music of the1960s
was not heard by the general public,” said Nesbit. “Thus, we play
obscure, unknown and unheard-of music, mainly from the 1960s. Our main
focus is on American garage bands, however, we also play rare and
unheard-of British bands, freak beat, surf/hot rod, Merseybeat, folk
rock, psychedelic, Flower Power, bubblegum, pop and more.”

Nesbit, who is a pharmacist, also has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in
communication from University of New Mexico. He co-hosted a radio show
in Albuquerque called “Psychedelic Fever,” and when he came to
Harding, he said he enjoyed the music he heard on KVHU.

“I especially liked listening to ‘Night Flight’ on Friday nights.
Occasionally I would call in and request a song, but I was afraid my
requests would be too obscure, so one day I emailed the host of the
show. He responded to me immediately, and after finding out I love old
60s music, he gave me a tour of the KVHU studios, introduced me to
[Professor] Dutch Hoggatt, and they asked me if I would be interested
in doing my own show.”

“Doc’s Apothecary Dream World” is a family affair, and Nesbit uses his
own personal music collection for the show — including more than 3,000
record albums and well over 2,000 CDs. His sons, 16-year-old Jacob and
13-year old Jared, help him with the twice-weekly show and, according
to their papa, are crucial to its success. Jacob runs the computer
when they record vocals, sets sound levels, downloads music and
produces the show. Jared acts as an editor, piecing the show together
once his papa has laid down the vocals, adding sound effects and
background music.

“Both boys help me write the show and add jokes and other comments to
the dialogue,” said Nesbit. “Without their input, the show would be
dull … we want to do something that will resurrect radio back to the
days when you could hear more than just the same old, same old
retreads played over and over again.”

The family also sees their show as an opportunity to make a difference
in God’s kingdom and bring a positive influence to the airwaves.

"We want to glorify Jesus in an out-of-the-box sort of way. We shine
light in the musical darkness and try to find the lost — isn't that
what walking with Jesus is all about?"

Tune in to “Doc’s Apothecary Dream World” on Harding’s KVHU 95.3 FM
Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 8 p.m.