Harding University
June 2, 2011

Children's theatre group travels to Scotland

Harding University’s Pied Pipers are spending nearly three weeks in
Scotland this summer, helping local church congregations and reaching
out to communities in Sterling and Aberdeen. The group left May 16 and
will return June 4.

Led by Dottie Frye, The Pied Pipers are an improvisational children’s
theatre troupe. The group entertains approximately 20,000 students
each year in a wide range of environments, including public and
private schools, children’s homes, hospitals, preschool centers,
centers for people with disabilities, libraries, churches, children’s
theatre organizations, local arts councils, and private and commercial
businesses or groups.

The churches in Scotland will use the group as an outreach tool in
schools and also have them work with youth and children within their
respective congregations doing things like teaching Bible classes.

“We use material we’ve been working on all year and take it to the
schools,” says Frye. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to contact children
and their parents.”

The Pied Pipers are Megan West of Greenville, Texas; Emily Owens of
Columbia, Tenn.; Kaycee Thornton of Arlington, Texas; Hailey Hunt of
Nashville, Tenn.; Amber Williams of Alma, Ark.; Tyler Perring of
Guthrie, Okla.; Aaron Tucker of Phoenix, Ariz.; RC Tucker of White
Hall, Ark.; Blake Hunter of Bentonville, Ark.; and Caleb Rummel of
Batesville, Ark.

Frye has been taking The Pied Pipers overseas to the United Kingdom
since 1992. One of her former student performers, 1999 graduate John
Anthony Renwick, is a minister at the church in Aberdeen, Scotland,
and the group will have the opportunity to work with him while they
are there.