Harding University

September 11, 2012

Student organizations commemorate 9/11

Harding University’s chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha and students of the American Studies Institute honored the victims of 9/11 with their annual flag fundraiser and memorial display on campus.

Members of Pi Sigma Alpha held a fundraiser in Hammon Student Center Sept. 3-4 to raise money for the flags that were used in the memorial. Students, faculty and staff voted and donated a quarter for their favorite flags which included Australia, Chile, China, Great Britain, Greece, France, Honduras, Italy, Zambia and Texas. Voters of Chile's flag, which received the most money, were put into a drawing. The winner, freshman Hayden Nooner from Hampton, Ark., won a flag of his choosing.

Members of Pi Sigma Alpha, ASI and staff placed nearly 3,000 flags on Harding’s front lawn Sept. 9. American and international flags were used to symbolize both native and foreign victims of 9/11 and commemorate those affected by the attacks.