Harding University

March 27, 2012

University student to intern with the Heritage Foundation

Senior public administration major Ashley Shelton has been selected for a summer internship with the Heritage Foundation, one of the nation’s top conservative political think tanks, this summer.

“Working for Heritage will present unparalleled opportunities to gain experience in promoting the fundamental principles and liberty upon which this country was founded,” Shelton said.

Shelton was one of approximately 70 interns selected from hundreds of applicants from across the nation.

According to its website, the Heritage Foundation formulates and promotes conservative public policies and encourages the growth of the next generation of political leaders. Their interns attend weekly briefings with policy experts, meet with conservative leaders, authors and policymakers, sharpen communications skills in workshops and tour important historical landmarks around the Washington, D.C., area.

“This position will grant me matchless opportunities to learn at the feet of some of the nation’s leading policymakers,” Shelton said. “The knowledge acquired from this experience will equip me to work with and influence public policy at the state or federal level.”