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Honors College Opportunities

The Carr College of Nursing and the Honors College has designed a course of study for students who wish to take Honors courses while pursuing a nursing degree.

Course Subject Credits
NURS 100.H1 Introduction to Nursing 1

(Limited enrollment, you must be enrolled in the Honors College.)

Honors Contract courses:

After taking 3 H or HNRS courses you will be able to propose an honors contract. Select from the following College of Nursing courses:

Course Subject Credits
NURS 351 Nursing Adults/Chronic Health 5
NURS 352 Nursing Adults/Acute Health 5
NURS 354 Gerontological Nursing 2
NURS 363 Pathophysiology 3
NURS 412 Research 3
NURS 450 Pediatric/Child Health 5
NURS 452 OB and Women's Health 5
NURS 453 Community Health 5
NURS 454 Advanced Med-Surgical 5
NURS 455 Leadership and Management 4

Contract information here

Honors Capstone course:

Nursing 462 may be taken as an Honors Capstone course. Please see your instructor or contact the Honors College for more information.

Course Subject Credits
NURS 462 Capstone 3

Capstone information here

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