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Health care missions has been a major focus since the beginning of the Carr College of Nursing at Harding. The first health care mission trip took place in 1977. The following material highlights health care mission opportunities and activities through the Carr College of Nursing.

All students who desire to have a global health care/cultural experience are encouraged to do so and are assisted in fulfilling that dream. We pray that from this group of students God will raise up long-term servants for the mission field as they follow in the footsteps of the Great Physician.

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Guatemala: In February student nurses travel with a surgical team to Guatemala to assist in various surgeries and to practice surgical nursing procedures in a health missions setting. Health Talents International (HTI), based in Birmingham, AL, focuses their work in Central America by conducting four annual surgical trips to Guatemala, C.A. 

Student helping a local Kids from Guatemala Clinic in Guatemala

Haiti, West Indies: Since Spring Break of 1992, an annual health care mission trip has been taken to the impoverished island nation of Haiti, West Indies. The mission initially began as curative health clinics seeing hundreds of people during the stay. In recent years, the focus of the trip has changed to the promotion of health and prevention of disease using a community health education approach in the homes, schools and communities of the Haitian people. In addition, training classes in primary health care are taught to school teachers and preaching students with the hope that they will include health education information in their classes and ministries.

Children in Haiti Sunset in Haiti Student with Hatian kid Child sharing food

Africa: For four to six weeks in the summer, student nurses have an opportunity to receive college credit for completing the clinical portion of one of their nursing courses - maternity, pediatrics or community health - in an African hospital or clinic setting.

Student with African kid Students and teacher Group of students Clinic in Tanga


Christian Health Ministry of White County: Harding student nurses and faculty are provided an opportunity every Sunday afternoon to assist in a Christian health center that serves the medically and economically disadvantaged of this county.

Health Fair and Wellness Screenings: Local churches invite faculty and students to provide their members and community friends with information for promoting health, preventing disease and screening for heart and cancer risks.

"Development Ministries" Class (BMIS 388): This course provides hands-on training in various types of benevolent outreach to the poor, including intensive gardening, livestock management, water development and sanitation, appropriate technology, and primary health care. Students are introduced to theological as well as strategic issues in relief and development. This two-week summer course is held at Camp Tahkodah (HUT) in Floral, Ark., where students actually live in a global village.

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